Day1: Day2: *Find an article you are interested in and mine it for ideas. Peg those ideas to Metaphorical Names, and write up a page or two.* == Dec17 == * Mike has people's sites up. I'm just using my pre-existing site. * Mike posted a video on how to make your bio page. **Assignment:** make your bio page. * Argh having to use double-square-brackets instead of SmashedTogetherWords seems like such a regression. * I've found switching from Chrome to FireFox has been good. * SFW is *drifting away from the use of bullet lists*??? * and no text formatting without using the "special" MarkDown plugin? * MikeCaulfield posted a video on IdeaMining. cf WikiBeatsWeblog. **Assignment:** *Post a page on your site about an idea. Give it a strong name, and write it in a way that it might be reused to support a point or add a dimension to a future discussion. It's a reusable idea.*

* hrm, can't figure out how to get a (Happening Folks) page in my space that has the list of other people to make that my Neighborhood. When I jump over to Audrey's copy of the page, the Fork button at bottom doesn't seem to do anything.

* ah, Mike reminded me that it's a "weird DragAndDrop thing", which reminded me to find my page of notes aggregating his tutorials leading to this page that gave me the right video. The wrinkle is that it didn't work in FireFox, but did in MacChrome!

* anyhow, back to today's Assignment. I haven't read anything terribly deep today.

* I did some gardening to make/link my NamingThings page. Which relates back to my SmashedTogetherWords obsession.

* maybe NanoPublishing?

* maybe something Torture related?

* or maybe I'll discuss my concerns about IntegratingReadingAndWritingTools, since that relates both here and to the IndieWebReader stuff I was reading yesterday. Yep, that's the ticket.

Dec19: made StartingAFreshWikiSpace to help other people get started.